This radio stream contains recordings of phone calls made almost entirely from New York City payphones. After every third call you will hear sounds of subway buskers performing in the New York City subways, as recorded using nearby payphones. You may also hear recorded messages that play when attempting to call payphones that have been disconnected.

You can now listen to Payphone Radio by calling 212-255-2748 from any telephone.

Payphone Radio Is Now On Roku
If you have a Roku set top box you can now find Payphone Radio by searching channels for "Payphone", or else click here to add it to your Roku channels.

Who's Calling?
Thanks to Bill Perkins at the Dothan Eagle for an interesting writeup of Payphone Radio. "I find it mesmerizing."

Como Audio: Tech Rap: Station Spotlight
Payphone Radio is #7 on this list of interesting and bizarre programming Peter Skiera finds on Internet radio. "Think of it as a spoken private journal, broadcast for the entire world to eavesdrop on. These 'confessions' quickly become addictive, like a kind of one-man telephone reality show, and a part of me felt guilty for listening in."

Happy to report that Payphone Radio is now listed at Radio.Garden, a cool and unique radio portal. Tune in! Note that some browser plugins might prevent streaming at Radio Garden.

Payphone Radio is now available on FUTEL payphones. If you are in Portland or Detroit check it out.

Payphone Radio

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